Back from my 26 years latter College Reunion

June 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

I must admit I was full of mixed emotions when out of the blue 26 years latter I received a couple of emails in April from fellow students from my Photography Editorial and Advertising College course asking if it was really me. We girls are usually harder to track down having changed maiden names etc. All I can say is thank God for the technology we have at our disposal today and for my peers who were determined to find as many of us as possible. How people traced loved ones before this invention  only God knows!

As the email sat in my In Box I was challenged to look back and examine “just what had Janine achieved over the last 26 years”?

What was important to me? My pride. My wealth? My professional achievements? What were my idols? What actually was important to me?

I also was not sure I wanted to open up a period of my life that was so full of hope and aspirations to what the future would hold for me and my college peers. What would I find?

I was really concerned about having to discuss the loss of our son Daniel who died when he was one year old. A experience no one wants to ever go through. We are not supposed to bury our children. How could I not include him when I was bound to be asked “Do you have any children”? For me this has always been  a very difficult question to answer.

As the emails whizzed back and forth and I started to look at the Facebook profiles to get a idea of what people had been up to I then decided to contact my closest friend Kate from my college time. I had lost contact with everyone and had often thought about the characters and friendships. So I was now poised with an opportunity to take the risk and reopen this part of my life. I took the plunge and emailed Kate and we spoke for the first time on the phone for an hour. It was just like we had left the room for a moment and then returned! We decided to meet in London to have a proper catch up before the main event which you can read about in my previous post.

I had become a Christian by making the decision to open the door which only has a handle on the inside! The

Lord will only enter into your life if you allow him to which is really cool he will never force his way in ! It’s up to the individual to make that decision.

The painting by William Holman Hunt played and still does a very significant part in my walk with God.I finally let the Lord into my life 5 years ago. My decision which was to be a very gradual process (of which I will share with you at a latter date) has totally changed my life for the better. I am no longer alone to try and deal with what life can sometimes throw at you. The Lord has graciously shown me who I am, gently healing painful wounds that we all take on as we move through our individual journeys.

I shared this reunion opportunity and concerns with friends and we prayed for the Lords guidance and protection.

We all compare ourselves with others it a human thing to do and that is what my initial reaction was regarding this reunion as I was sure everyone else was doing the same exercise.

My conclusions to my initial question: “What have you achieved over the last 26 years Janine”? Is this:

I am a child of God. I am secure in God. I finally know who I am. I am no longer on my own. Money does not buy you happiness or real friends. I have a wonderful supporting husband who has been with me through tough times and good times. We have been together since I was 16. We have two beautiful children on this Earth and one whom I will be reunited with at a latter date. I have truly been released from many past hurts.

I am free to take photographs that give me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I am able to express my love for Gods creation, this beautiful world. Through this blog and website I hope to share what he puts on my heart.

Thanks for reading this far.Please do leave your comments and thoughts they are all really appreciated

God bless

Janine xx

PS. The reunion was amazing it was such good fun to see all my peers to catch up and to share our lives again after 26 years we all seemed very comfortable in each others company I have not laughed so much. It was wonderful time I will never forget. Old friends reunited not to be lost again and to think I was contemplating not going!

Thanks guys for such a fantastic time xxx


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