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You know the moment when you see a potentially great image? It’s as soon as you can see all the possible elements blending together in your head, then for that magic moment to reveal itself in the camera. You may also know that this is just the first part I would say just 50 % of the creative process. I always shoot in RAW to capture all the possible detail available and to get as broad a Dynamic Range as possible. I knew I would have to wait patiently until I could get the image into the computer to continue with the Post Processing to then really bring the pre visualised imagined image to life.

If you are interested in a Post Processing work flow blog please let me know in the comments box below.

I may have been taking photographs and lately aerial/ ground video (more of that in my next blog) for over 30 years but that moment from creating and then looking at the image still really excites me just like a little child which is just as well as I simply wouldn’t have the passion, drive or motivation and that would reflect negatively in my images.

However I have found creating art while one is working through a dark and difficult time in life can produce a different type of work which can directly reflect the mood of the artist. It’s as if the sadness flows out onto the paper a very cathartic healing process. Does this ring true with anyone else?

Back to lighter French things: The coming together in my head as I see a scene goes back to been able to pre visualise the end result. This comes with experience, of constantly looking at many images, knowing how they have been created, knowing what elements need to come together, how to put them together re composition, camera of choice and then of course the creative technical application to achieve all of this.

You might be thinking.

“Oh well she has the best equipment”? Well the “right” equipment is in my humble opinion all about getting the best from whatever you are using at the time. From a camera phone too the most expensive piece of kit. 80% of my images on myInstagramsite have been taken using my iPhone. It’s all about knowing how to work your camera of choice to get the best from it.

My camera of choice for France was the Fujifilm X100t compact (fixed 23mm lens). Why this choice? Well I had to leave the Canon 5D MK III at home as I was already loaded down with Drone kit etc. I flew over if I’d taken the car I would have taken it all. The reason why I purchased the Fujifilm X100t was to have the discipline of using a fixed lens to be able to put on my 23mm eyes. It’s light weight, great quality and can wifi images to my phone which is fantastic for blogs and Instagram etc

So how did I get to go to France in the first place? Well France was a very last minute thing after getting a lovely invite from my dear friend Kate to stay at her wonderful home near Limoges.

So on a balmy Limoges evening in July with day temperatures in the 30’s we could see that the sunset was potentially going to be great from view in Kate’s back garden. We quickly set off with cameras, two very enthusiastic photographers assistant Cocker Spaniels called Liley and Totty (mother and daughter a complicated relationship as some of us can I’m sure relate to) to a location about 10 minutes walk away. Both Kate and I witnessed the start of a glorious Limoges summer evening sunset.

I would have to work fast as each second ticked by the light was changing. The first thing that caught my eye was the lone tree in the field with all the amazing wild flowers in the hedgerow. I knew I could get a great silhouette of tree and flowers. Those of you that know me will know I love a lone tree it can make for a stunning image and goes right back and that’s a long way back to my photography college days “Cat Bells, Keswick 1985”

See how we can be influenced from images and experiences from our past that trigger memories and continue to crop up throughout our lives? There’s a style and theme going on………………..

As always if you have any questions or comments please do let me know. If you are interested in any images/video you may have seen either here or on my websites then please just email me for more details. Until next time……….

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