Busy Bee One

June 20, 2011 — 5 Comments


Bees are amazing creatures just focused on gettting their pollen back to the hive to off load then out again all for the good of the hive. I watched a beehive a couple of weks ago and noticed the bees going into the hive generally used the right side of the entrance and the outgoing bees used the left! We have  a lot to learn from bees how they work for the greater good. A bee could never be accused of been selfish or lazy.

Bee hive in field of flowers oxfordshire England (JANINE KILROE)

Bee hive in field of flowers oxfordshire England

As I watched this hive of activity I observed that some returning bees had more pollen on their legs than others. as I was reflecting on this I felt the lord gently encourage me as sometimes when we are trying to work hard for the Lord we often feel we are not doing as well as others around us. What the Lord said to me was that you may feel or think you are not bringing much to the table but all the bees will be returning with different types of honey needed for different jobs its sometimes not that obvious. So lets not get discouraged and compare as every little helps the whole.

Bumble bee on thistle flower (JANINE KILROE)

Took this photos on Sunday with my new camera Panasonic lumix DMC LX5. I am impressed with the quality and the amazing close ups you can achieve in Macro to within 1 cm pretty awsome stuff. This was one of the reasons for choosing this lens the angles you can achieve with this close up ability is great plus it has a Leica lens. I hope to add to the blog with any interesting images taken with this camera as I get to explore all its functions. It also has video which could be fun to experiment with.

God bless



Well just back from the smoke it was crazy today Circle line closed so everyone squeezed onto less trains. It was worth it to meet my mate Kate from 32 years ago (we were photography students ) as soon as we meet we were laughing, talking laughing ,and crying with laughter. It was as if one of us had just come back into the room! Not 32 years latter.

It was so amusing as one of us could not remember a name the other would fill in the missing name. I had no recall of a particular tutor Kate was describing obviously major situations he was involved in but I still had no recall. Its weird how the mind works. We decided to catch up before the main event were we will meet up with hopefully  20 + of the other photography students next Saturday it is going to be fascinating . Watch this space!





Sorry didn’t take any photos so I have uploaded a experiment (Deck chairs in Brighton) with PhotoShop it links with some sequence ideas I have been playing around with. The other shots are in my Experimention gallery on the right and Gallery : Latest Uploads. Let me know what you think.

Today was a massive catch up before we knew it we were been asked to leave the V & A because they were closing we had been talking for 6 hours ! We went on to continue catching up in Harvey Nichols. Food was good but why do we have to have our ears assaulted with very loud tinny music so bad that we had to ask for it to be turned down. People don’t go to eateries to listen to the music they go to talk and socialise there’s back ground music then then there’s ear bleeding.

We have come to the conclusion that even though we only shared just 3 years of our life this  was during a pivotal period  and these shared experiences and the mutual support we had for one another during some difficult times outlasted the gap of 32 years.

Kate is now a very successful award winning international potter go check her site her work is very unique and simply stunning.  http://www.katemcbride.co.uk/

Until next time.

God Bless


Off to see a fellow photography student we lost touch with each other 26 years ago! Going to meet her and have a massive catch up! If I see anything interesting to photograph I’m going to try WordPress app for Android and up load to my blog. We have all come a long way from that darkroom !