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You know the moment when you see a potentially great image? It’s as soon as you can see all the possible elements blending together in your head, then for that magic moment to reveal itself in the camera.

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All the images below have been shot using my iPhone and a wonderful App called Snapseed by Nik Software highly recommended it is super and very easy to use. When I’m in the field taking my photography on my Canon 5D MK II I like to take a record shot on my iPhone and do my Blipfoto and Facebook using these images. There is still a lot of snobbery around photography and what equipment we use as far as I’m concerned if it looks good and could print to a reasonable size without depreciating too much then thats really cool. I plan to print using some of these iPhone images so watch this space 🙂 

IMG 0086IMG 0087IMG 1132

IMG 0097IMG 0072IMG 1173IMG 1131IMG 1130

EASTBBOURNE PIER IMG 7822 Snapseed   A beautiful old classic pier one which has not burnt down! As many of the others along the south coast have!