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Hi thank you for dropping in

I have had a really fruitful week exploring Photoshop. Its a program I have been using for probably five years for teaching photography and for my own photography needs. I am self taught and I have over the last few weeks put more time in to create some of the images you see on this blog and website.

I have always believed that if you are enjoying what you are learning then you will find it easier and will also enable you to learn a lot more. This is certainly what I have found. because I want to do some thing to my image I have a focus, goal, aim, desire call it what you want.

I have discovered two major revelations for my photographic Post Production in Photoshop. One is the Lasso Tool and the other is Feathering. They are revolutionary to the smooth seamless tweaking required to take a RAW file to the finished product. The techniques I employ in PS is the equivalent of a master printer in the darkroom Dodging (holding back the exposure) and Burning (adding more exposure to the print) and I must say involves a lot less time spent with brilliant results as you can see the difference between a image I was happy with a few months ago (second image) to todays version (1st image)  I hope you can see the difference. To compare properly just click on the images and you wil be taken to my site where you can view them properly.

Please let me know if you prefer the first (latest version) or second image in your comments. These shots are from my Lake District Series and were shot in 2007. It is really satisfying been able to revisit a folder of work with new skills and understanding to see what one can create.

Tree rocks and lake mountain view. Large boulders in for ground. Reflections and clouds.  Shot in digital infrared. Location North West England (JANINE KILROE)LAKE DISTRICT CUMBRIA (JANINE KILROE)

I have also really enjoyed isolating my main subject the single flower head and the blowing deck chairs against a Black and White background. What fun a simple image is but powerful to the eyes. I plan to create some postcards and greeting cards from some of the flower and deckchair manipulations. What do you think? would you buy them? What would you pay? Please let me know your thoughts.


Thank you for looking and your comments until next time God bless.