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All the images below have been shot using my iPhone and a wonderful App called Snapseed by Nik Software highly recommended it is super and very easy to use. When I’m in the field taking my photography on my Canon 5D MK II I like to take a record shot on my iPhone and do my Blipfoto and Facebook using these images. There is still a lot of snobbery around photography and what equipment we use as far as I’m concerned if it looks good and could print to a reasonable size without depreciating too much then thats really cool. I plan to print using some of these iPhone images so watch this space 🙂 

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New Hand Coloured Photography Website Launch

I have just launched my new Hand Coloured Fine Art Photography website ready to go live which is very exciting as I have all my hand colour portfolio on show there. The poppies above are a series of photographs I took last year. I shoot in Infrared which I like as it reveals a world hidden from normal view.

My workflow and materials are as follows:

I am often asked what my materials of choice are and my Post Processing work flow. So here it is.

After the photograph I  post process first using Lightroom to catalogue and back up and then I open my images in the wonderful Nik Software Efex Pro2 enables me to totally control how I want my image to look. It enables me to go old school but in 2012, the equivalent of Dodging and Burning with Nik Software U Point Technology but with far more control then ever possible in my film days.

I then move into Photoshop CS6 and print through my Epsom Pro 4900 onto Saunders Waterford Fine Art water colour paper made by St Cuthberts  in Glastonbury England. Finding the best quality archival fine art paper has been quite a journey but I have now discovered St Cuthberts and am very happy with the very high quality and consistency they produce plus the fact the paper is archival and that they are a British company makes it even better!

My colouring medium has also been up until this year a case of trail and error to try and find the medium that was subtle enough for me to create a naturalistic finish to my work without overpowering the photograph itself. I don’t want the added colour to detract from the photograph itself but to simply complement it. The hand colouring aspect of my work is really the  “icing on the cake” for my photography.

So you may ask how did I find my perfect colour medium? Well I will not use anything other than archival inks, paper and pencils. It is paramount to me that my art work will last for as long as possible 100 years plus. 

The background to my Derwent Pencils  choice is as follows.

I love The Lakes as you can see from my two websites: Photography at and Hand Coloured Photography at

I went to the Lakes as a photographic student in 1983 and fell in love with the grandeur and majesty of The Lakes vistas. I’m from the North, born in Preston Lancashire and very proud of my Northern roots. I had visited the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick and did a project there as a student.

My family actually owned the Derwent Pencil Factory in 1901 for approximately 20 years then in 1916 it was called the Cumberland Pencil Company. So adding this all up it was a natural decision to give the pencils a try out, see if they could be subtle enough, archival and workable on my choosen St Cuthberts paper. The answer was an emphatic yes they could!

Not only are the Derwent Watercolour Pencils brilliant but I have recently discovered their Inktense water soluble pencils which I use on my Brighton Carousel Horse photograph below they are perfect for that style of image. I have even used them for some of my Poppy images to great effect.

To enquire or buy any of my art work then please go to